Monday, November 23, 2009


A great start to our Thanksgiving Break......we had our sweet friends over for some backyard smore making FUN....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Football at MSU

The AL/State game is one Brad and I try to attend every year...this year we decided that the girls were both old enough to enjoy ALL the festivities so we started early!

We loaded up and headed to Tupelo to meet the Wise's and caravan to Starkville...Char and John David were so happy to see us when we drove up they were ready to play!

Then we met up with the rest of the Wise's and Sally, Owen, Maury and Carter for the tailgate...

then off to the game, what FUN even if it was a loss for me, it was a WIN for Brad so everyone was still happy and I loved seeing the girls cheering "GO-STATE, GO STATE!!"

We had what the girls love to call a "cousins sleepover" and woke up early for a yummy breakfast and then decided to take the kids on campus for a photo shoot and walked around was a beautiful day and such a GREAT weekend!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beautiful Fall Saturday

...a little behind, but last weekend while Daddy and I had friends over for a little football Mimi took you 2 for a fun day in Moulton. Mimi always has a way of thinking of great, creative, educational (AND fun) games....this one consisted of first picking up Nana, a picnic in the park, and then nature walk along with a scavenger hunt. I sent my camera so I wouldn't miss anything...I didn't get a picture of each of your collection bags before Mary B. took it to share with her class but it had lots of different colored leaves, walnuts, bark, and rocks...ooh what fun to share with a grandmother and great-grandmother!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We got an early start to this year's Halloween by putting on the costumes before NOON and heading to Moulton to see Nana, Aunt JoAnn, Uncle Roger, and the rest of the our first house to hit when we got back home was our sweet the cowgirl and hippy are at our 1st stop this year...

And here is the little ballerina and Jasmine at our first stop last year, Mimi's...

Our friends the Taylors hosted a Halloween trick-or-treat party complete with hayride so after seeing our neighbors we headed straight over played a little while and then loaded up with all of our best friends....

We went from street to street in our neighborhood, all the kids had a this house we thought someone was just asleep on the front porch?!

..oooh not so much BOO!

I loved seeing the girls ENJOY the trick-or-treating so was a very fun Halloween!