Monday, June 30, 2008

Swim, Swim, & More Swimming

We have had lots of fun at the pool most every day we can find a spare couple of hours. The girls are doing so well, and amaze me how far they have come since the beginning of the summer. They have such a good time with their friends, and with one other too...... so sweet. These are the days I hope I never forget!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Weekend!

Wishing for pictures my camera was left at home and got to have a break over the weekend. It was quiet a large time for all 4 of us. The girls went to Anniston for a fun-filled weekend with Nana and Pop. They have talked about how much fun they had and what all they got to do for days! To name just a few highlights: Drive In Movie, Swimming, and VBS at 1st United Methodist (Brad grew up in this church and Nana was helping-MB really enjoyed this since she had just experienced VBS at our church she felt like she such a big girl and knew just what to do!). They also got to see and play with Aunt Amy and cousin Jackson which is always special too. They love getting to see Nana and Pop (and couldn't leave out the dogs dodger and adams)and really did well all weekend without mommy or daddy......such big girls!

Member-Guest golf tournament at DCC took up Brad's weekend. Reagan played with Brad so Leigh Ann and I enjoyed Friday night's festivities. Brad and Reagan got to have a "large guy time" the rest of the weekend since I headed to market in Atlanta ...Do not think they had a hard time doing this at all.

Yes, a much needed girls weekend to shop, eat lots and have fun was where I could be found.
Anyone who hasn't experienced the Atlanta Market needs to go......and with a fun group is a must! Julie Mc (who is my best fashion friend and is a rep for Jessica Simpson footwear which could not be a more fun job for a single gal)hosted Julie P., Julie W., Carrie, and I at the Marriott Marquis where we could walk to market....thanks girls for such a great weekend! Again, wish I had pics (sorry Julie P. I know you are waiting for your blog debut) but there will be another trip in our near future I feel sure!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Swimming Lessons

The girls just finished up swimming lessons. They both learned a lot, and had a great time too. Treat day was the last day and the cupcakes at 9 a.m. started the day off just right!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little time in Moulton with our Nana

The girls are so fortunate to still have 2 great grandmothers to see and spend time with. My Nana (who by the way has been re-named LaLa by Gray due to her sweet humm she sings when you enter her house and/or she enters your house)still lives in Moulton and loves to keep the girls. As you can tell her yard is her passion and it shows, she loves to dig, plant, pick up sticks....whatever the need be anytime the weather is nice! This week she had the girls with their own personal wheel barrows and they loved it!I kinda got there towards the end so as you can see Mary Bradford was pretty pooped and it was NAP time for Gray (wish i could have a few better expressions-oh well!)

Brad has been out of town all week (notice all the fun entertainment I've found for us to do in earlier post and post to come!) and here Gray is finding the perfect flower to "pick and send to daddy"......

After a day at lala's house and Mary Bradford a quick haircut (she always requests Mrs. Liz to do pigtails before we leave).....we decided to head to Target for a short 2 hours and even fit dinner in at the snack bar....We missed Daddy , but our Girl Time sure is fun!! I really enjoy days like these and look forward to many more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Extra Special Neighbors

Look what I found on our porch today!!.....If you saw my earlier post I had the privlege of getting to do a few "very small" things around my sweet neighbors the Smith's house last week while they were at Seaside. Not as if it was enough she let the girls and I swim as we pleased, she had to do just a little more AGAIN. Thank you Mrs. Pat, you know I love it!

Mrs. Pat (for those of you who do not already know) is a pretty thoughtful person to say the very matter if it's a holiday or even deserved for that matter Mrs. Pat always has the greatest "happys"!

The Jackson family feels so fortunate to have the sweet Smith's as neighbors and will be happy to do anything for you at anytime!!

Happy Father's Day

This was daddy's highlight! We hope you had a wonderful day!!

Thanks for being the greatest Daddy ever! We love all the fun things we get to do with you.... especially when you get home from work each day so we can tickle! Your hugs and kisses are pretty special too. We love you so much!

Happy Fathers day to Gandy and Pop too. We love you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mommy and Baby

This is one of the girls favorite things to play. However, things have taken a turn this week. Where usually Mary Bradford is ALWAYS the mommy, I found out Gray has insisted it's her turn. The conversation went a little like this.....

"okay baby we gonna take a walk. Now stay very close, there may be something dangerous outside."

(now back inside, thought they had finished for now & then I hear Gray calling for "Amy, come here and see my baby)...."see look isn't hers' cute, hers' soo tired from her walk, she has to take a nap!" I love that Mary Bradord plays right along (thumb and all).....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gray's pool friend

While our sweet neighbors the Smith's are gone to Seaside this week, we are gladly taking care of a few things around their house. In return, they invited us to use their pool as we please! (thanks so much Mrs. Pat and Mr. Ernie we've had a ball). Today my little Graybug decided she wanted to take a friend to swim with. As you can see baby Charlotte (that's all Gray's babies names due to her cousin Charlotte) had quiet the time. We even had to apply sunscreen, and get her a juice box when she got too hot! I love her little imagination, it's quiet unique, never a dull moment with little bug!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Vacation Bible School

My energetic class! standing from L to R: Lindsay, Luke, Banks, Micah, Steven, Evan, Meredith,
sitting Sophie, Charlie, Meredith, Ellie, Mary Bradford, and Meg Catherine.
MB and Gray on our stage that
was fantastic thanks to the Farris's
and many other volunteers, wish
you could see the whole thing.
First day (look at the intense
learning look on her face).
I love it!
We have just finished up a full week of fun at our church with more blessings than I ever knew existed. It was Mary Bradford's first year to participate in vacation bible school. My little Gray had many fun activities in the nursery as well and Ms. Cathleen and her helpers sent her home
with lots of arts & crafts that were all wonderful!
Our class packed each day with worship rally, recreation, snack, bible study, and her absolute favorite music! I was so fortunate in that I got to be her teacher, and have been overwhelmed each day as her love for Christ grew. Most all know that 5 year olds only can sit still for so long, but I could not believe all the questions each child had and when I asked each one thing they learned today during our bible study....most all knew our theme this week: Know the Truth, Live the Truth, Speak the Truth....daily bible verses, and one child even talked about the offering we took up and where it was going! I was so thrilled for these children and that is what it is ALL about.
I do have to let you know about one of most memorable parts of the week and I will never forget watching my oldest daughter every morning. It would take place in worship rally which was where we met first. She had all the songs down with all the motions by about day 2!? and might I say are so precious and heartwarming AND she is still singing them out loud. Not only that she wanted to be on front row with our church staff....and YES our fantastic preacher was right there in the middle. He blessed my heart as well with all the hugs and high 5's, but no matter what, each morning that is what MB would ask me first, Can I please stand by the pastor? also mommy, can I give him a lot of love? and yes he would pick her up and squeeze her and then thank her for being such a cutie-patootie.....I knew he was a wonderful person to each and everyone he makes contact with . However, seeing him with each child from our church, and all the visitors we had this week was another blessing I received. From doing all the dances to his kind words he was a joy this week! He even took a pie in the face today....Please visit my link to our church he has sermons posted and they are worth your time.
My sweet little carpool is my other memorable moment we invited our friends Charlie Taylor and Banks Murphree to VBS. Each morning they would get in the car and be filled with excitement wanting to know " Mrs. Amy what songs will we sing first?", "Mrs. Amy guess what I didn't forget my offering today!" .....another true blessing. I hope you both come back next year.