Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Weekend!

Wishing for pictures my camera was left at home and got to have a break over the weekend. It was quiet a large time for all 4 of us. The girls went to Anniston for a fun-filled weekend with Nana and Pop. They have talked about how much fun they had and what all they got to do for days! To name just a few highlights: Drive In Movie, Swimming, and VBS at 1st United Methodist (Brad grew up in this church and Nana was helping-MB really enjoyed this since she had just experienced VBS at our church she felt like she such a big girl and knew just what to do!). They also got to see and play with Aunt Amy and cousin Jackson which is always special too. They love getting to see Nana and Pop (and couldn't leave out the dogs dodger and adams)and really did well all weekend without mommy or daddy......such big girls!

Member-Guest golf tournament at DCC took up Brad's weekend. Reagan played with Brad so Leigh Ann and I enjoyed Friday night's festivities. Brad and Reagan got to have a "large guy time" the rest of the weekend since I headed to market in Atlanta ...Do not think they had a hard time doing this at all.

Yes, a much needed girls weekend to shop, eat lots and have fun was where I could be found.
Anyone who hasn't experienced the Atlanta Market needs to go......and with a fun group is a must! Julie Mc (who is my best fashion friend and is a rep for Jessica Simpson footwear which could not be a more fun job for a single gal)hosted Julie P., Julie W., Carrie, and I at the Marriott Marquis where we could walk to market....thanks girls for such a great weekend! Again, wish I had pics (sorry Julie P. I know you are waiting for your blog debut) but there will be another trip in our near future I feel sure!


Tara McClendon said...

Sounds like win/win weekend...everyone had fun! I want to hear about all the treats you picked up at market...

Chad Tonya Logan & Will said...

hello friend! hope all is well! i found you through kristi