Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little time in Moulton with our Nana

The girls are so fortunate to still have 2 great grandmothers to see and spend time with. My Nana (who by the way has been re-named LaLa by Gray due to her sweet humm she sings when you enter her house and/or she enters your house)still lives in Moulton and loves to keep the girls. As you can tell her yard is her passion and it shows, she loves to dig, plant, pick up sticks....whatever the need be anytime the weather is nice! This week she had the girls with their own personal wheel barrows and they loved it!I kinda got there towards the end so as you can see Mary Bradford was pretty pooped and it was NAP time for Gray (wish i could have a few better expressions-oh well!)

Brad has been out of town all week (notice all the fun entertainment I've found for us to do in earlier post and post to come!) and here Gray is finding the perfect flower to "pick and send to daddy"......

After a day at lala's house and Mary Bradford a quick haircut (she always requests Mrs. Liz to do pigtails before we leave).....we decided to head to Target for a short 2 hours and even fit dinner in at the snack bar....We missed Daddy , but our Girl Time sure is fun!! I really enjoy days like these and look forward to many more.

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Carley said...

Precious pics with nana and lala!