Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yes, the day had come Monday was Mary Bradford's FIRST day of FIRST grade.Daddy took her, because I had to be at Ewood bright and early, and according to both of them, they couldn't get out the door fast enough.....MB was so ready to see her friends and Mrs. Hart at her new school Benjamin Davis! Thanks for being the photographer daddy.

Makes me a lot sad you are growing up so fast, but I am so proud of all you have already accomplished...including your INDEPENDENCE...I love you MB!

Day 2 was Mb's FIRST day to try out the bus! She rides with me to Eastwood, catches the bus to Ben Davis...then rides the bus back to Eastwood to meet me and head home...you were thrilled!! Barely got a picture you were so excited this morning to hop on BUS 28 with Mrs. Armstrong!

then this afternoon, you were busy reading a "bus note"....but I was sure glad to see your smiling face! another great day of first grade!

Gray has started her FIRST soccer season, we had our first practice this week in the 98 degree heat. She loved it...has been asking when she can go to her next practice constantly for the last 48 hours! Brad is helping Gray's friend Mac's daddy coach...and they have another little friend Copeland on the team to share the fun! There should not be a dull moment with these little ones, more pictures to come when our games start! Yay Gray, so proud of you!!

Gray taking one of many water breaks...it was HOTTTTTTTTT!

CONCENTRATION.......way to go Gray!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gray's first day back to school

First Baptist starts just a couple of days early .....good so that we can gradually get Gray going....a little sad I asked Gray " are you ready to start back to school?" and her reply "YES mommy, I wanted to go yesterday!"....so even though I only took you for part of the day today it makes me happy you were excited...and really even more excited about your new backpack and lunchbox....it makes you feel like such a BIG GIRL and I love that you love it!

Mrs. April and Mrs. Kathryn are Gray's teachers...she has several of her old friends and a few new ones in her class...naptime is my only worry for bug, but hopefully she will get TIRED at some point and give in....she just doesn't require the sleep her sister did.....I love you Gray and hope you have a great year!

It's about that time.........

For school to start back that is.....and both girls are SOO excited! Which does make me a little sad, but happy it won't be too hard to get out the door that first morning...Mary Bradford starts to a new school with new friends. We got to go see who's class she got in and she and her sweet friend Banks got to visit while the mommies and the siblings visited too.....

aren't they a little young to look this grown up??

then when she saw this special friend, she got excited too...MB and Meredith both got Mrs. Hart! It's going to be another fun year, never a dull moment with these 2!

Another Summer treat

The girls had a BALL with Nana and cousin Jackson for a few days in Birmingham. They fit in a lot in just a little time...McWayne Center, movie, shopping, swimming, and a little more shopping. They loved having time with Nana and came home with lots of fun treats they got to pick out themselves!

Brad volunteered to meet Nana and pick the girls up so I could get a little more done before we go back to school. I never know what kind of adventure he decides to throw in when it's just the 3 of them....this time, he decided to pay a visit to this guy....

LOVE the angle he chose!

Another little bit of education never hurts .....they loved it! What a sweet daddy! Special days like this mean the MOST!