Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Summer treat

The girls had a BALL with Nana and cousin Jackson for a few days in Birmingham. They fit in a lot in just a little time...McWayne Center, movie, shopping, swimming, and a little more shopping. They loved having time with Nana and came home with lots of fun treats they got to pick out themselves!

Brad volunteered to meet Nana and pick the girls up so I could get a little more done before we go back to school. I never know what kind of adventure he decides to throw in when it's just the 3 of them....this time, he decided to pay a visit to this guy....

LOVE the angle he chose!

Another little bit of education never hurts .....they loved it! What a sweet daddy! Special days like this mean the MOST!

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Jennie-Marie said...

Way to go Brad, I'm so impressed he even documented their special day!!! What a great Daddy!