Monday, September 20, 2010's GREAT to be 8!

I always start these birthday posts with "I can't believe it...just seems like yesterday when.....and/or something like that " and YES time does fly....however, I am so happy to say Mary Bradford is quickly becoming the most independent, kind hearted, helpful, smart, caring 8 year old little girl (or young lady as she likes for me to say). Brad and I are amazed daily at all she does and thank God for all he is doing through her.

Mary B. what a gift you are to your daddy and I .....We love you so much and are so glad we got to share another wonderful birthday with you.....

a little run down of how the festivities went......

Mimi and Gandy took she and Gray to a Birthday Eve dinner at the club...she came home and said " it was so cool we had our own private party room"!

then she woke up on the BIG day to her favorite from our local donut shop......

I later headed to Ben Davis for recess and she was so excited to pass these out to her friends....(I couldn't help but wonder how much longer I GET to do this before it's NOT cool??YIKES!, hopefully MANY more)

That night we celebrated with birthday dinner and she got her present from us!

Nana and Pop came in town glad they got to celebrate (of course, camera battery DEAD so no pictures) and stayed next morning for Grandparents day too!

The next weekend came the party....and she designed the invitation all by herself!

she had all her friends young and old to Southern Spirit to flip, cheer, and flip some more!....Even though the party was a little later, this was one excited 8 year old about her birthday! and loved every minute of her party....WHAT FUN!!

happy happy Birthday Sweet girl! We love you bunches!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day weekend

WE started our weekend with a the tailgate party at D-HIGH! The girls and all their friends didn't miss a beat with the band, cheerleaders, and the Chic-fil-A picnic right before game time!!

We then all headed to where the cheer camp girls were a part of the pre-game we are catching a few photos with friends before getting on the field!

They did great! What fun to get to feel like a "REAL" red raider cheerleader!!

so glad Mimi and Gandy came for the show....

and Gray found her new sweet little friend Anna and cheered and played and cheered some more!!

The next few days of our holiday weekend were the annual BYRD BASS GOLF TOURNAMENT (congrats to the AMERICANS for a victory!)so Morgan and I decided to load some of our favorite little girls up and head to Florence to the Marriott for some spend-the-night fun! We fit a lot in to these 2 days...swimming, splash pad, night movie by the pool, HUGE fireworks show, and the girls were all great!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

T-t-t is for Teddy Bear

It is so fun to re-live these letter weeks with Gray in Kindergarten just like we did with Mary B....surprise sack, special snack, and this was a fun letter T week!It was complete with them making their teddy bear t-shirts to wear on Friday and bringing their favorite teddy bear, it was so much fun! We walked in with Mary Bibb so I stopped them for a quick pic.....

Then when the whole class came to PE I got to get these post-playground.....lots of sweet, sweaty red faces...but this is one class that is so excited about school, so glad I get to see Gray and all of her friends enjoying their Kindergarten year....

Many more of these posts to these days and can't believe it's already been a month...time flies!