Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day weekend

WE started our weekend with a the tailgate party at D-HIGH! The girls and all their friends didn't miss a beat with the band, cheerleaders, and the Chic-fil-A picnic right before game time!!

We then all headed to where the cheer camp girls were a part of the pre-game we are catching a few photos with friends before getting on the field!

They did great! What fun to get to feel like a "REAL" red raider cheerleader!!

so glad Mimi and Gandy came for the show....

and Gray found her new sweet little friend Anna and cheered and played and cheered some more!!

The next few days of our holiday weekend were the annual BYRD BASS GOLF TOURNAMENT (congrats to the AMERICANS for a victory!)so Morgan and I decided to load some of our favorite little girls up and head to Florence to the Marriott for some spend-the-night fun! We fit a lot in to these 2 days...swimming, splash pad, night movie by the pool, HUGE fireworks show, and the girls were all great!


Sally said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Tara said...

SO fun...ALL of it! The tailgate party looked like fun. So sad we missed it!!