Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

It was a very "PLANNED" weekend that quickly became unplanned Feb. 12-15!! We had invited 5 couples to Cheaha Mtn. to the Jackson cabin for a "Couples Retreat"...but, weather did not PERMIT! We left after lunch and had planned to drop the girls at Nana and Pop's before heading up the mountain. Our friends were to be there by dinner...(all meals were planned,lots of books/magazines purchased...and lots of relaxing was in our future!)Brad and I chose to go the back way and ended up hitting ice, spinning and spinning..then smashing into RYAN mountain totaling our car. No bruises no scratches....I always pray for safety for all of my family(especially my sisters and their families because I do not get to see them as much as I would like)...Fortunately he made Brad, me and the girls very SAFE that Friday...thank you.

We still made it a Happy VALENTINES day, how could we not with these 2?

We were so glad Aunt Sally had to move Maury's 3rd birthday party up till Sunday too...we got to go and it was sooo much fun......

Aunt Leigh Ann and I decided that a night in a hotel to end the weekend and the birthday festivites would be a treat(plus we thought ALL of us at Aunt Sally's would be a WHOLE lot!). It's just the small things....couchbed, popcorn, and a yummy breakfast the next morning hit the spot!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Mimi had the Wise cousins over the weekend so what more fun outing on a really cold day than the circus that she planned for us??!!

We loaded up after packing lots of Pig Wig snacks (thanks to Gandy) and $ General glowsticks (which all turned out to be quiet the hit!) and headed to Huntsville for the BIG show....Gray and Char began to ask about 1/2 way when they were going to see the tent and that was a little tough to explain. However, John David did see a construction site tent where they were working on the VBCC and said "There it is, we are HERE!".....some of my favorite moments:

All 4 held up very well for a LONG show until we are walking out and of course, all those light up toys, stuffed animals, etc., etc., ETC are REALLY being thrown in their little faces and Gray had a seen here we stopped right by one of the stands and she was still a little mad at me....

what a FUN day with such sweet girls and a very sweet little boy, thanks Mimi we love you!!


The night was FULL of fun....Mr. Kross asked Mary Bradford to pass out programs, and she was very glad to do so, of course taking her job pretty serious......

Then I got a quick shot of the HARTbreakers before their preformance....Janiyah, Meredith, and Mary B. cute as they could be ready to HOEDOWN THROWDOWN .....

We were so glad our cousins came, Mary Bradford was thrilled about showing them all off...and Carter came and just SHOWED off, think he had more fun than anyone in the show!

Here are more friends in Mrs. Hart's room who participated ....

It was a hoot!! so glad all our sweet friends and family came to see my sweet girl...she and her little group did Great, I was so proud of all of them!

Monday, February 1, 2010


The girls newest LOVE is nightly performances!! Brad and I happen to enjoy them too!I just finished Eastwood Idol(talent show at my school that the girls LOVE!)and BEN DAVIS got talent is coming up THIS THURSDAY practicing their talents is all these 2 want to do lately!!

Tonight's show was extra special, so I decided it deserved a post. Not only did we have programs but a costume change too! They worked hard on this one and after 2 full songs 2 full times, we knew why we hadn't heard from them the entire time I was cooking dinner.....
The 1st act was a little Miley Cyrus action:
(hard to get a cartwheel with a major delayed digital camera)

and after the costume change they slowed it down to a Taylor Swift favorite......

FLY AWAY of course...........

Reminds me of Leigh Ann, Sally and I's many MANDRELL SISTERS shows! SISTERS are so much fun!