Friday, May 28, 2010

LAST day of Pre-K for Gray

Both of your 1st days of school are always going to be important! Even if Gray's Pre-K is going to our church (where we all are a minimum of twice a week) or starting a BRAND NEW SCHOOL (like Mary B. did at Benjamin Davis this year), it's just an EXTRA special day! you are GRAY, starting your 1st day of PRE-K..I remember you didn't want a picture by yourself, you always want your sister close by!

and here you are this morning starting your last (you are good with being photographed by yourself now I guess!)....helped that it was "board game day"...You were so excited to teach your "friend-boys" how to play a PRINCESS game (and according to your teachers "you taught them well and they LOVED it"....)

I knew when I picked you up it would be hard...
but you had that special smile (trying to change the subject) and it took my mind to other places, that is a very generous gift you have..Thank you!

I was very proud of your progress report and that you already wanted to start on the summer workbook your teachers sent home.

1st Baptist has let you grow not only spiritually, with your sweet blessings before meals and prayers before bed time, but socially with all the things you have learned from your teachers and friends.
I LOVE you buggy, Watch out she comes!

Final Days of First Grade

Mary Bradford has had several busy days during her last few weeks in 1st grade....Awards Day at Ben Davis was great, it started with an assembly with all the first grade classes. Mary B. received an award for ALL A's....

and EXCELLENCE in MUSIC! Way to go MB...we are proud of you!

then each class was dismissed to go back to their classroom for awards...and Mrs. Hart gave each student an award and was very detailed in describing ...

...Mary Bradford got Miss Congeniality (finally found a word she is having to LEARN how to pronounce)...and Mrs. Hart described it as "a Friend to everyone, always makes good choices, and has a happy heart!"....

(not sure if anyone but myself will remember how much she LOVES LOVES LOVES her teacher...she is going to be VERY hard to replace)

I sent Brad and the camera to the End-of-the-Year water party....really sad I missed it but glad I got to see Mary B. in action, looks like it was lots of, hot, hot but FUN! complete with picnic lunch, cupcakes, AND Popsicles!

Brad and I discussed should she stay after the party or check-out?! well, the sentimental part of me insisted on her riding the bus with Mrs. Armstrong one more time (even though she will have the same bus driver..who is PRECIOUS in 2ND grade) but when she got to me at EASTWOOD and I saw the TEARS..due to "I already MISS Mrs. Hart"..I realized OH, maybe she wouldn't have realized it if Daddy had checked her out...I am going to MISS Mrs. Hart too!

Mary B. you have had a GREAT 1st Grade year....and we will always have a special place in our hearts for Mrs. Hart.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Manic but Magnificent Monday

With our school year coming to an end there is lots going on! Our schedules are full, homework has ended (thank you Mrs. Hart), but still busy, busy!Even though it does get to be A LOT, Brad and I still feel like sitting down and having dinner at night is extremely important. Baths got done before dinner tonight, so the girls had extra play time after we finished eating. As I was cleaning up, I hear lots of moving around, Miley Cyrus, etc. but didn't realize we were going to get one of the biggest shows yet!

I love these days...sometimes I wish I could just hit PAUSE at our house, and on these 2 precious little girls lives.......

not sure who is more excited about Gray learning to be DJ....Mary B. or GRAY?!?

Gray's Grand at her End of the Year Program!

This is something I Really had no idea would come so little bug finishing pre-k....getting ready to enter BIG school!?!She just finished her end of the year program/luncheon at First Baptist and so I guess it is really happening!

She was so proud of herself, her songs, her bible verse and all her projects! We had heard it all lots at home so knew she KNEW her stuff and she did!! Daddy, Mary B. and I are so proud of how well you did Gray, we love you so much!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Break

We packed a lot of fun in to a week....started with a girls trip to Atlanta that Mimi planned with our aunts and cousins. We all arrived at the hotel with our American Girl dolls to find these waiting on us!

Since the trip started on Gray's real birthday and Char's had just passed we had to celebrate a little (thanks Aunt Leigh Ann and Aunt Sally for the Fancy Cakes/candles)!

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed for Cleveland, GA ....home of Babyland General aka the Cabbage Patch Doll was far more than what we expected. They recently built this new hospital and did not miss a trick ...complete with nurses, doctors..

We even got to see a real delivery...the girls thought this was so neat .....

Gray was the 1st to hold the new baby girl!

and since this day was my actual birthday, here we are outside the "baby viewing window">>>where her card read "April 19"

It was a perfect day to find our way out to Babyland general...the girls purchased their dolls and stopped for one last picture before we headed back to Atlanta!

The rest of our stay consisted doing lots at this place......

it was so fun to see the girls this excited!!!...I wish I knew how many times we had flipped thru the catalogs or watched the Jon and Kate episode of when they took the 2oldest girls Maddie and Cara to the store to prepare for our trip....but I wasn't prepared as how ECSTATIC they would really be!!!

Thank you Mimi, I think it was all of our best Spring Break ever! I asked the girls what they like doing the best?? and it was a very hard decision...we LOVED it ALL!!

After our Atlanta trip, I met Nana in Anniston and the girls stayed a few nights and they again had so much fun! they shopped, went to Jackson's games, and shopped some more! Brad and I then picked them up and headed along with our friends the Gantts' for some R and R at the cabin....I always love this sunset....

We took in the sun, cooked out, and just relaxed....

and who would have guessed thanks to Stephanie bug and I did a little more 5 and 35 celebrating...YUM Corner Bakery cupcakes!! thanks steppie