Sunday, May 2, 2010

a 5th birthday filled with FLIPS!

Since Spring Break was during the real birthday we postponed it a few days and celebrated at Southern Spirit ...Gray's choice of course! She and Mary B. have been taking gymnastics this year and LOVE this place. All your friends had such a good time Gray, you all played games, did tricks on the trampolene, and flipped around on all the mats! I can't believe we have registered you for Kindegarten and now you are 5 ....time flys by buggy! I do not want you to grow up, but you remind me daily "mommy, I will still always be your baby"...and I hope you keep doing it! I love you Gray.


Sally said...

How did I miss this??? Did not even know her party was last week! Looks like a fun one!

Charlotte Nixon said...

i loved your party gray

love mb