Friday, May 28, 2010

Final Days of First Grade

Mary Bradford has had several busy days during her last few weeks in 1st grade....Awards Day at Ben Davis was great, it started with an assembly with all the first grade classes. Mary B. received an award for ALL A's....

and EXCELLENCE in MUSIC! Way to go MB...we are proud of you!

then each class was dismissed to go back to their classroom for awards...and Mrs. Hart gave each student an award and was very detailed in describing ...

...Mary Bradford got Miss Congeniality (finally found a word she is having to LEARN how to pronounce)...and Mrs. Hart described it as "a Friend to everyone, always makes good choices, and has a happy heart!"....

(not sure if anyone but myself will remember how much she LOVES LOVES LOVES her teacher...she is going to be VERY hard to replace)

I sent Brad and the camera to the End-of-the-Year water party....really sad I missed it but glad I got to see Mary B. in action, looks like it was lots of, hot, hot but FUN! complete with picnic lunch, cupcakes, AND Popsicles!

Brad and I discussed should she stay after the party or check-out?! well, the sentimental part of me insisted on her riding the bus with Mrs. Armstrong one more time (even though she will have the same bus driver..who is PRECIOUS in 2ND grade) but when she got to me at EASTWOOD and I saw the TEARS..due to "I already MISS Mrs. Hart"..I realized OH, maybe she wouldn't have realized it if Daddy had checked her out...I am going to MISS Mrs. Hart too!

Mary B. you have had a GREAT 1st Grade year....and we will always have a special place in our hearts for Mrs. Hart.

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