Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boo-Hoo 2 girls with the flu

I do not think since birth you 2 have been sick at the exact same time with the exact same thing so guess I thought I better do a post so we would remember. Even though you felt very yucky, especially since you never run high fevers and you did, we managed to find a little fun to have when you felt like it!

The flu hit little bug first...she felt soooo bad Monday morning and by 3:30 we knew she had tested positive according to Dr. Hay. The next several days this is where I found her and how she looked.....

Mary B. when you got home from school on Monday with 102, I hopped in the car and met daddy and Gray leaving dr. Hay's office and you tested positive too! I am glad we got the last tamiflu left in Decatur because by Tuesday afternoon you had perked up a lot! (may have had a lot to do with the get well fairies who brought lots of fun things like this cute puzzle!-thank you so much!!)

Mimi brought goodies too, Gray hadn't eaten much at all and finally perked up and loved the icing on these.....

Today Mary B. you went back to school and are feeling much better....and Bug, you were in and out today, but when Sissy got home this afternoon and I heard the Taylor Swift concert it convinced me you are lots better too!
Here's Taylor and her costume designer who helps her get ready between songs!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bleacher Creatures at Decatur High

Friday was the much anticipated "Bleacher Creatures"....where all the little girls are asked to join the cheerleaders in cheering for the Raiders!! The girls had a ball, lots of Mary B.'s class from Kindergarten reunited which was really fun for the moms to watch! Gray and Hilton's little sister Harrison hung right in there with the big girls!

Open House at Ben Davis

We recently got to visit Mary Bradford's 1st grade class to see what she has learned so far. Each child got their own checklist and she was our "tour guide" through the school.

Our first stop was outside her classroom at the GUESS WHO? wall....notice the adjectives she used to describe herself....

Mary B. you love Mrs. Hart and are off to a great start to first grade....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little more birthday fun with Nana and Pop

Friday after the party was over we had a little more celebrating to do not only for Mary B.'s birthday, but Grandparent's day at Ben Davis too!...Nana and Pop came from Anniston and we fit a lot in. They, along with Mimi and Gandy, joined Mary B. at Ben Davis for the grandparents' day festivities...then came the fun presents especially for her new doll "Julie"..who now goes most anywhere we do as long as I say it's they are in their matching pj's......

On Friday nights as long as the Decatur Red Raiders are playing at home...we are there! The girls love to go, cheer, and play with their friends...Brad and I love it because they are happy and we get to sit with all of our friends too....Nana and Pop joined us this past game against Huntsville for another win --YEA Raiders!!

My sweet friend Tara made these shirts for the girls to wear to the games....

We enjoyed our visit with Nana and Pop..even though we try and fit way too much in sometimes (including 2 soccer games early the next morning) it is always so much fun!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make-Overs then FASHION turning 7 is FABULOUS!

It was an afternoon full of fun! It started with Pizza and Presents.....

Then it was time for MAKEOVERS.....station to station the girls bopped from one to the next...make-up, hair, dress-up, accessories....and nails...getting ready for the show!
HUGE thanks to Maggie the make-up magician....and Morgan the hair-do queen (complete with her assistants daughter Caroline, nieces Mary Bibb and Virginia) I could not have done it without all their help!!I also have to say I was pretty impressed with your DJ DADDY, his ipod was full of your he dj'd and was videographer!!

Then a little cake and a "Happy Birthday to YOU Mary B. cha-cha-cha!...."

Then all the moms, a few dads and siblings, and lots of cameras, it was SHOWTIME!!!

It was a fun 7th birthday, all your ideas brought together plus a lot of help from Mimi...I think it turned out perfect! WE love you so much Mary Bradford, Happy Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mary Bradford is SEVEN

The celebrating is just beginning, (I love to drag birthdays out FOREVER)but I had to go ahead and START with a post on the OFFICIAL MB you turn the lucky number 7! Happy Happy Birthday I love you soooo much!

I took iced sprinkle cookies (your request) to your class today and met all of your new friends.....who are quiet the characters, you FIT right in!! It was so good to put the names with the faces who I hear about all the time...

Then we met Mimi and Gandy for birthday supper at Kyoto (your request of course!) was a treat and even though they tried to play a trick on you....they brought the one and only JULIE (more pics to come with her) as you can tell Bug was not too thrilled about your present! Even though Mimi brought her a movie from her trip to American Girl in Chicago, guess it's just one of those things that is REALLY hard to understand!.....
On another note...It was really sweet the 1st thing Gray requested when she got home from school is to put on her birthday dress and get a birthday hug from MB to help celebrate !!

After our yummy came home to another special present from Aunt Sally, Uncle Owen, Maury, and Carter...your very own Bible. For your reading tonight you started reading in Genesis to us....very special way to end this special day.

..oh yeah, and we saved bug one of your cookies which ended her night with a SMILE too!

It's been a fun day.....can't wait for the party with your girl-Friends tomorrow!

Fall Soccer

Has begun!! Brad is coaching both girls teams: THE MEAN GREEN MACHINE (MB's team) and helping Coach Pat with THE LITTLE SKUNKS(as you can tell from Gray's uniform is her team)!!

The 2 teams have their first few games at the same I ran between fields snapping a few pictures from each....I think they are both going to have lots of fun!