Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make-Overs then FASHION SHOW..wow turning 7 is FABULOUS!

It was an afternoon full of fun! It started with Pizza and Presents.....

Then it was time for MAKEOVERS.....station to station the girls bopped from one to the next...make-up, hair, dress-up, accessories....and nails...getting ready for the show!
HUGE thanks to Maggie the make-up magician....and Morgan the hair-do queen (complete with her assistants daughter Caroline, nieces Mary Bibb and Virginia) I could not have done it without all their help!!I also have to say I was pretty impressed with your DJ DADDY, his ipod was full of your favorites...so he dj'd and was videographer!!

Then a little cake and a "Happy Birthday to YOU Mary B. cha-cha-cha!...."

Then all the moms, a few dads and siblings, and lots of cameras, it was SHOWTIME!!!

It was a fun 7th birthday, all your ideas brought together plus a lot of help from Mimi...I think it turned out perfect! WE love you so much Mary Bradford, Happy Happy Birthday!


Leigh Ann said...

What a FABULOUS party, MB! You should be a party planner. Happy birthday!!! We love you.

Tara McClendon said...

That looks like the most fun party in the history of parties!! I wish your glam squad could get me ready every morning, MB!

Kristi Williams said...

So cute! What a fun birthday party!