Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Beach Trip

We just returned from another Fun-Filled Mimi & Gandy beach trip.....Never a dull moment with the 6 cousins 6 and under! All the kids had a ball, it's so much fun to see them all really enjoy one another and play until they were absolutely POOPED! The beach was perfect no crowd and clearest water ever. Didn't get many pics with all the adults...but had to share a few (and yes I cut it WAY down) of the precious cousins. We love you all....and are already missing you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So FAR, So GOOD...NO more thumb

I guess 3rd time's a charm....after 2 previous attempts (one I borrowed that worked for a friend on her 3 boys, then 1 I read about and purchased on my own.....)I have finally discovered the miracle to make my baby quit sucking her thumb. No, I am not happy, however, YES I wanted her to have a full head of hair one day. When she picked up the habit of not only twirling but YANKING her hair out as she sucked her thumb 2 weeks ago I knew I had to get SERIOUS! She's been my little thumb sucker since she was about a month old....and I have loved it.....but all good things must come to an end (so you can have that ponytail you talk about all the time little bug!)....We started on Saturday so today is day 4 and even though bed time, nap time, and in between times too have been EXTRA rough, it's working!! As we head to the beach Thursday I hope all the cousins, mimi, and gandy will be ready for our big girl who no longer needs that thumb! You may be a bit of a handful, but we sure are proud of how well you are doing!

I did have to include some sweet memories of the love you had for your thumb....no matter where you were it was a pretty special part of the first 3 1/2 years of your life! and pretty cute too......

Friday, September 19, 2008

PTA open house

We really enjoyed Eastwood Open House this week....from the neat scavenger hunt in her classroom that Mrs. Hand had us do, to the computer lab (with Graybug typing right-along-side sissy), to the music room (where we ran into one of Mary B's friends)she did not want us to miss a thing. Mimi, mommy, daddy, and gray could not have been more excited to be there!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A treat from Nana and Pop

Nana and Pop stopped by Thursday for a visit after school. Mary B. and Nana have birthdays just a few days apart so we had to do a little more celebrating. Gray even got a little happy too, the girls were so excited to see them! Then on Friday after school they took the girls to the Westin at Bridgestreet....shopping, swimming, and even a pedicure by Nana.....all of their favorite things!! Thanks Nana and Pop for a fun spend-the-night treat!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1st Baptist Trike-A-Thon

Wednesday nights at our church are lots of fun....but tonight was extra fun. We had a scooter,bike or trike-a-thon (you choose). This was to raise money for medical missionaries in Haiti. Brad and I loaded up the girls and their vehicles and joined in with the rest of the preschool thru Kindergarten aged kids in ALL the fun....

a Great day for Gray

Sweet little girl of ours......is STILL getting used to her routine. Yes, fortunately for me, Daddy gets to take Gray to school 3 of 5 days (which he thoroughly enjoys, they have a few little songs they like to sing on the way).....so when it's mommy's turn sometimes it's really hard to get in and out of 1st Baptist and on to Eastwood "in a timely manner"....tears, FITS, and a lil drama!! However, today (and I am so THRILLED thought it deserved a blog) was such a happy day! Yes, we prepared her last night this morning would be daddy's turn, like we do most every night, but this morning she was up bright and early and had a HUGE smile on her face (see above-Green day at school, she was dressed and ready and waiting on daddy) and when she said "mommy, you go on to your school...remember, daddy is taking me to my school"! It made my morning all smiles too. Also,we have had a week of "good behavior" reports from Ms. Valerie and Ms. Irene, so things are looking up for little bug!
On another note we are in need of a lil help on (and please send any suggestions my way) our love of the thumb, which goes hand in hand, with twirling and "pulling out" lil bug's hair !Yes it is TRUE! and seeing as we are still no where near the ponytail stage, we need ALL the hair we can get.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the Spectacular 6th celebration continues......

Mary Bradford,

We did have your actual Party a couple of days early and it was more than great!! However, I woke up this morning as excited as I've been in a while......(NO, I can't believe that you are SIX, and YES it only seems like yesterday when Daddy and I were heading to the hospital for a LONG but so WORTH IT day of lots and lots of joy no one could ever tell us about).... But what a fun day I knew we had ahead of us....
It started at school where Mimi and I joined you for luch at the visitors table and we took some more of Rebecca's treats (BakedByBibb): her famous "6" cookies to your class...all your friends as well as Mrs. Hand were so excited to see their treats when they returned to the classroom where she let you help me "set up snack"! After a sweet "Happy Birthday to you" (in which you had just had sung in music so you were a little bashful) all the cookies were gobbled up-YumYum (to anyone who needs a treat or favor for ANY occasion, check out the link)...
Tonight Mimi had a few of your favorites and we joined she, Gandy, and GeneGene at her house for dinner. GeneGene had the cook at the terrace make you a special cake, and you got to do it all over again....not to mention open several more Pretty FUN gifts! Thank you so much mimi, gandy, and Gene Gene for a special celebration!

We love you Mary B.....so glad your day we got to fill your day with so many special treats!

Splish Splash MB's 6th Birthday Bash!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A fun and colorful week!

This week was great fun as each day Mary B. was to wear a different color to school.....Tues- Red, Wed.-Blue, Thurs.-Green, and Friday was not only Purple but also HAT day (letter of the week H!)...more colors and fun to continue next week. Mary B. you really love kindegarten so much, I am so glad you are having so much fun.....and have already learned so much too!
Mary B. and friends...Purple is great Fun!
Coach Collins got word it was hat day too...girls loved it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2nd Annual Byrd Bass Tournament

We enjoyed the 2nd annual Byrd Bass tournament Daddy and his friends started, which is held Labor day Weekend-(It's a Ryder Cup format...Brad & his group are the Europeans; for the 2nd year in a row team USA got the best of Daddy and the Europeans). Lots of fun was still had by all.....

including matching uniforms each day, a fun football party, and lots of laughs!

American and European Teams Marching in accompanied by bagpipes during the opening cermony. After the ballgame Friday night, all Gray could say is "look here comes daddy and his band!"

Daddy(in his kilt),our girls, and the Bagpipe guy after opening ceremony ...

(FYI-Brad is telling me what to type.......) Brad did have a major VICTORY in the singles match on Monday against blog stalker Whitt Roby!