Monday, October 26, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert

The fun started around lunch time on Friday when I went to check Mary B. and her friend Meredith out of school. When I got there Mrs. Hart made me aware the 2 had been packed and ready for me for 30 minutes---and EVERYONE knew where they were going! We could not think about leaving school without letting Mr. Kross (their principal) know they were really leaving, and I think he was as excited as they were because they had already filled him in on ALL of our plans for the day!(I've learned working at an Elementary school there are NEVER any secrets, so I shouldn't be surprised at anything they say..however?!)....Then we met up with Meredith's mom and I let her in on the news "We were in for A DAY with these 2 DIVAS!!" ...we had given this little trip to them both for their birthdays!

We had a ball, 1st stop was the sum mitt for a little window shopping and some dinner at Cheesecake Factory (where their were lots of little girls dressed like ours headed where we were!)The manager came to our table to make us aware they "had just delivered Miley's food to her, this is her FAVORITE restaurant!" I think that made all of our food taste even better!

Then it was time....we were OFF to a sold out teenage Superstar's concert...we parked beside one of many cars painted on like this......(only pic I have of the 2 in their "concert outfits" because as soon as they got their new t-shirts they put them on!)

I do not think I have ever seen Mary Bradford as excited...we got there early so we could take in EVERYTHING...lots of fun, screaming girls!!

It was a fun, fun night...I am so glad you enjoyed it Mary B.! I enjoyed watching you even more!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tate Farms

Kathyrn, Morgan and I thought all of our sweet girlie's needed a trip to THE pumpkin patch of North Alabama (and not in Huntsville like I thought, Meridianville...which was a little bit of a trip...but SOOO worth it!)So we all loaded up in one car 3 adults and 5 little girls, Mary Bradford took her sweet friend Fiona and headed to Tate Farms. It was great...animals, swings, tractor slide, hayride, and lots more. However, as you can tell by the red noses and wind blown hair I think we chose one of the coldest days we have had all year..


As we were leaving, everyone a little cold, and hungry I thought we needed a group's how it started.....


and this is about the best I could do....what a FUN FUN day!!

Fall Soccer comes to an end

Both girls have had a rainy but fairly good end to Fall Soccer....thanks to a wonderful coach (Daddy), who made it lots more fun!

One of Mary Bradford's last games was against her friend she, Meredith, and Sally are before the game...this was Daddy's Birthday and the game she got her first goal!!

Brad and I had the team for a very CHILLY end of the year pizza party at Rhodes Ferry Park. Lots of fun, trophies, medals, and WIND!!

Gray did lots of high stepping, a few cartwheels, but most of all was a great cheerleader for her team...Yea SKUNKS!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Break

We headed to Cheaha to the cabin to spend a few relaxing days and take full advantage of Fall Break.

We loved spending time with Nana and Pop, Aunt Amy, Uncle Mitch, and our SWEET, patient 6th grade cousin Jackson!

Aunt Amy agreed to a glitterful makeover on the deck...and glad we chose outside because we ALL had glitter on us by the time these 2 got done!

Scout LOVES the cabin as much as we do, he did as much lounging as we did. It was all he could do to lift his head for a picture.

This was the first time Gray got to join the other 2 in the hot tub, still a little hesitant here....

...she ended up LOVING it!!

Then we headed to Birmingham with Mimi for a fun day of shopping and playing with Maury and glad to spend a little time with our 2 little cousins too!


Just a few pictures to show Gray's chior singing for the first time in our Wednesday night worship service where we celebrated Missions. She was so excited to finally be "on stage" like Mb had been so many times.