Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tate Farms

Kathyrn, Morgan and I thought all of our sweet girlie's needed a trip to THE pumpkin patch of North Alabama (and not in Huntsville like I thought, Meridianville...which was a little bit of a trip...but SOOO worth it!)So we all loaded up in one car 3 adults and 5 little girls, Mary Bradford took her sweet friend Fiona and headed to Tate Farms. It was great...animals, swings, tractor slide, hayride, and lots more. However, as you can tell by the red noses and wind blown hair I think we chose one of the coldest days we have had all year..


As we were leaving, everyone a little cold, and hungry I thought we needed a group's how it started.....


and this is about the best I could do....what a FUN FUN day!!

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