Saturday, August 30, 2008

D-HIGH here we come!

Anyone that does not live in Decatur may not understand how important Red Raider Football really is.......but we are learning QUICKLY!!! Yes, we attended the first Decatur High football game of the 08 season (which by the way was quiet the VICTORY against the biggest across town rival austin ) and the girls had a ball!! thanks to my sweet friend Mrs. Perry MB got to sport her "for real" red raiders uniform and Gray was not satisfied without some cheerleader attire too so luckily we have the BAMA uniform (never thought I'd have so much RED, luckily this BAMA one looked a lil maroon-ha!)....It was so fun seeing MB find all her lil friends from school, Gray getting to sit by and cheer with her friend Mac, and Brad and I actually getting to watch a little of the game!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Teddy Bear T's at Eastwood

I did not realize how much fun the letter T could be until this week in Kindergarten!!!! It started when the class put together, colored, and learned to read their very own TALL book...then they all painted a t-shirt (complete w/a teddy bear)....., then in Mary Bradford's mystery sack she chose to take toothpaste....and today MB, along with the other kindergarten classes at Eastwood, wore her tee and took her teddy bear to school to be measured (build a bear "emily" complete with hannah montana outfit and backpack?! measured a whopping 21 cubes long)...

Mary B with her teacher Mrs. Hand (aka the new celebrity at the Jackson house)

Mary B and her teddy bear Emily waiting for the rest of the bears to arrive......(MB sorry we have to arrive so early)

Last but NOT least....we had a special guest at PE today,......Mrs. Cara from Brown's gymnastics...lots of fun and another option for Extended Day at Eastwood.....judging from today she is going to have a lot of takers!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Karate in PE = FUN

HAAAYAH! All the kids had a ball this week.....Jamie Webster of Webster's Karate Studio came to teach a little bit of martial arts to all our PE classes....I really couldn't believe how much both the girls and boys got into it.....of course got a few pics of my kindergartner that I love so much and feel so blessed I got to see her in action. Not the sport for her, but Jamie is starting an after school class at EASTWOOD in 2 wks. for those who are interested!! fun, fun!!

they couldn't even wait in a straight line for watching all that was going on.....

I love this...starting her high kick, notice her friends watching anxiously in the background and waiting their turn....

Chopping block......really serious about this one!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gray starts ballet

and tap....oh yes! Gray has joined a "big girl" class where Mary Bradford attends: Dancers Inc. Here's a little pic from right before her first class rhythm and rhyme 1 (ballet/tap combo class). It will be so nice for 1 year I will have both girls in one recital together! You really enjoyed yourself Graybug and asked if you could stay today when we picked MB up from her class. I think you are going to love it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Here she Sweet little Kindergartner ....loading up ready for her day!

Welcome to Eastwood!

Entering her class, this smile just kept getting bigger .......

One more pic with mommy pleassseeeee...."ok!"

So yes Kindergarten was a HUGE hit for Mary Bradford! She awoke bright and early (5:40a.m. to be exact) and was dressed, ready, and waiting by 6:15....I do not think Christmas morning was this exciting! On our way she had only 1 request...."mommy, please don't cry"......and so I followed her Brad and I took her in we had to keep reminding her to walk not run, walk not run, walk not run.....Mrs. Hand was very happy to see all the children, as they were to see her, she quickly had them begin coloring at their seats until all the students arrived. We watched as she unpacked her backpack with Mrs. Hand overseeing the entire process (she is very hands on with ALL the children), then she sat down quietly and began her coloring, never looking back to see if we were still then we got the hint she's ok, we can leave (well that was Brad's idea,but I followed).... what a BIG girl she was, we are so proud of you MB it made mommy's rest of the day go GREAT!

Brad left for work and then all mommys were invited to the cafeteria for a boohoo breakfast, yes a few tears were shed....but many more laughs and sweet words about our kindergartners......we had breakfast and then were each given a poem to take home written by the PTA president.

My day turned out to be pretty great too!....even though Kindergarten doesn't start coming to PE until Monday I thoroughly enjoyed each class I had today & am very eager for tomorrow.......of course, not as eager as Mary Bradford......It's going to be a great year!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

School Supply Time

Did we enjoy doing our shopping? Yes! Am I a little teary eyed as I post this?Absolutely!
MB starts this Thursday to Kindergarten.....but due to a little change in plans I am pretty calm and not so anxious (however, I did have a mini breakdown this morning before church?!Brad quickly distracted both girls and I regained control so we could make it on time) .....
On a much more positive not so dramatic note...... I have taken the PE aide job at the next closest school to our house (right at a mile) Eastwood Elementary, & due to Decatur city rules Mary Bradford is able to go with me!!It will be lots of fun getting to see her in action each day! Several of our good friends are at Eastwood too which makes me happy, she will get to see them each day!!
Gray starts to 1st Baptist tomorrow and all her best buddies got in her class (poor Ms. Irene and Ms. Valerie) I think she may be as excited as MB....
Many more posts and pictures to follow as our week continues.