Saturday, August 30, 2008

D-HIGH here we come!

Anyone that does not live in Decatur may not understand how important Red Raider Football really is.......but we are learning QUICKLY!!! Yes, we attended the first Decatur High football game of the 08 season (which by the way was quiet the VICTORY against the biggest across town rival austin ) and the girls had a ball!! thanks to my sweet friend Mrs. Perry MB got to sport her "for real" red raiders uniform and Gray was not satisfied without some cheerleader attire too so luckily we have the BAMA uniform (never thought I'd have so much RED, luckily this BAMA one looked a lil maroon-ha!)....It was so fun seeing MB find all her lil friends from school, Gray getting to sit by and cheer with her friend Mac, and Brad and I actually getting to watch a little of the game!

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