Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. Hughes

We arrived early to school to decorate for Mrs. Hughes surprise birthday breakfast!
I had lots of great help....

She was so surprised and so excited! Even though it was early and Monday morning all the kids were precious. Mary Bradford and Banks met everyone before coming in the classroom to remind them of the celabration and to tell Mrs. Hughes Happy Birthday FIRST thing! She gave lots of hugs, thank yous and a few tears....we love this sweet lady.

I can't say enough about Mary B's 2nd grade year nor Mrs. Hughes. She sees the best in everyone of these 2nd graders, she tells them daily how she prays for them and encourages them to be their very BEST at all times...She sets a great example and made the BIGGEST impression on Mary B. I thank God every night for having her in our lives this year...we will miss her so much when MB moves to Leon Sheffield in 3rd grade.

sweet Caroline

While Brad and Gray were busy with t-ball...Mary Bradford and I headed to Birmingham to hold and love on the newest girlie in our family...Caroline Frances Coulson

She is as sweet as can be, and let me and MB pass her back and forth and take pictures without ever waking up. She is just beautiful and we can't wait to hold her again soon.

Springing into Spring......

Although you are both enjoying gymnastics and Mary Bradford is LOVING tennis, this is where we have been spending a lot of our afternoons and nights.....

We weren't sure how this would go with Gray (paying attention, getting out, practices, games in the heat, games in the cold, etc., etc.) but bug you are loving it as much as Mary Bradford did....and we are so glad!

Many more pictures to follow as we are finishing up the season!

Gray also just finished up her very first FIELD DAY at Eastwood! Even though she had no clue what to expect, she didn't sleep and was very easy to wake up and get her "field day garb" on!!

What a great year it has been having Gray at Eastwood AND having the best girlies in her class!! Love you buggie!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Time!

We were invited by our sweet friends the Coulters for a long weekend to Orange Beach and it just happened to be the weekend North Alabama and many other parts of the south got hit by a rage of tornadoes. We were without power at our house for 4 days, so glad it worked out we could get out of town. I couldn't help but think about all the people affected by this weather and continue to pray for all of them. The rest of the Eyster/Vickery/Peek family joined us so it turned out to be a big time! ..Caroline hung in there with the big girls like she was 6 or 8 too!....

I missed getting precious Jackson in the pics, he was a trooper! whatever we did, he was happy doing the glad we got to share a fun weekend away with our sweet friends!

Easter time

So I wasn't the best at picture taking for this special holiday, and one of my was a wonderful service at FBC and then to BCC with Mimi and Gandy and Gene Gene for a yummy brunch. Sad, Gray was the ONLY one who would get in a picture with the bunny.....

Gray's SIX!

It is true...and I TRULY can't believe it Gray is 6! She and Copeland decided to double the fun at Rhodes Ferry Park, complete with baseball and face painting (thanks to big sister Mary B.) and most of Eastwood Kindergarten plus several other special friends!

On the real day Gray chose fudgesicles to share with her class and once she was done...she quickly ran to Mrs. Hand to ask when they were going to sing to her?!? I think after several birthday meals, her party, etc. we had sung to her at least 10 times. It's GREAT to love your birthday as much as buggie does!

Weather Makers

Kindergarten play time..I love it!

We have weather whether we like it or not was the whole theme of Buggies' play....she played a snowflake! Loved that not only did she do a great job with her 1line, she mouthed most everyone else's lines too....guess they did lots of practicing!

here is the snowflake with 2 of her friends raindrop and cloud.....