Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers Day weekend at the Lake


It was a hot but eventful weekend at the Wallers Lake house....anytime the Waller boys, Taylor kids, and Jackson girls together there is never a dull moment!

Picture requested by bug a lug....can you tell??

Mr. Ryan couldn't wait for all the kids to try out the new "learn how to ski thingy"...

and on Sunday we did some's Mary B. and Jack

then Gray hopped on and the brothers sweet, these kids love each other!

then it was back to Decatur for dinner with my daddy.....

The girls are so fortunate to have a wonderful daddy, Gandy, and Pop! We love you all

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A fun summer day at La La's

We rode with Mimi for a visit at Nana's (aka La La)in Moulton which is always a treat! So glad the girls have 2 sweet great-grandmothers to visit...We always have a little surprise (never know what) waiting on us when we get there...We took chic-fil-a sandwiches and she had these waiting on the girls...

Following lunch we visited Moulton's new Splashpad!! I told Mimi and the girls wish we had this to visit when we were their ages.....

I only had my phone to take pictures so not really good, but here Nana is in the 100 degree heat watching the girls with her always so special smile......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saddle Ridge Ranch at First Baptist

The Theme for our week at VBS.....simple and to the point!

Mimi and I taught Mary Bradford's class...what fun to get to hear the questions and responses of these 6 and 7 year olds to all the Bible stories! They were great and seemed to learn so much by the end of the week PLUS have fun too!

Gray invited her sweet friend Mary Bibb.....this was the 1st year they came to worship really and participated in all the rotations! I think they knew the songs and motions as quick as most of the big kids!

Our VBS songs are always wonderful but this year was exceptional! The words will always stick in my head (and yes we are still listening to the cd in my car but that is not why)...but because they go right along with our daily bible verses from our week......
*I am who HE says I Am....*God Cares.....*Like JESUS......*I know what I'm gonna do (to live in ways that honor you)

And yes Bug chose to wear her cowgirl costume Mimi made to really get into this year's theme...and loves our sweet preacher so caught him one day for me to get a quick picture...thanks Dr. Hurt!

On family night we had a special guest "The Christian Cowboy" who did some really neat tricks while talking to us about the special gift we all share: God's love. He then led us to the Rock and along with the gang from the Guinness Book of World Records BROKE a record of balancing a 58 foot pole on his chin......WOW, pretty neat!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To Fort Morgan with the Fam

I could keep going on and on and on with this post but decided to stop and just give a brief few statements and my favorite pictures! We had a week's worth of excitement at our annual Mimi and Gandy beach trip with our aunts, uncles, and cousins! We kept saying how it gets easier with the kids as they get older (I even have 2 that can swim now..yea!!!) but it also keeps getting more fun too!

Daddy had to work the 1st half of the week but joined us the 2nd half and we were so glad to see him!

We spent lots of time on the beach....this was Gandy's favorite spot!

and Plenty of Pool time!

And even though there were a few stormy afternoons, the kids had fun inside......

We did a little crab hunting....

More beach time.....

This was one of our FAVORITE times of the day.....they hit us up pretty much everyday!

We were sad when we had to leave our last day...but what a great week!

Thank you Mimi and Gandy....what an extra special week of fun!
We love you so much