Saturday, May 31, 2008

Adult-Child Golf Tournament 2008

Today Mary Bradford and Brad played in their first tournament together! Even though it was quiet steamy it turned out to be a very fun day.

Waiting to putt........ Paired with our good friend Banks
made playing golf very entertaining!

Mimi and Grandaddy came to watch and for the celebration cookout/awards ceremony......thanks Mimi and Grandaddy you made our day!
.......and 3rd place goes to TEAM JACKSON! Way to go Mary Bradford and Daddy, mommy and Gray are so proud of you....( while waiting on the burgers we had to do a quick change and a take a quick dip in the pool!!) what a fun afternoon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

oh NO Gray!

Ok, so Mary Bradford is away at Nana and Pop's in Anniston having a good, good time.......Gray and I are spending a little qt ourselves! I decide to go to my dear friend Stephanie's precious, precious store Eloise and Henry (check out my links) to take care of a little business and mainly visit today. As always Gray decides to go to the adjoining toy store Wykers another of my faves to have a little play time. Susan and the gang are always so nice to let the kids play, look, and wish! I decide to go over and check on her and not only did I spot her quick I SMELLED her too. Yes, bug got a little too busy with putting the babies to sleep in the puppet booth and decided to have a MAJOR accident in the floor, down her legs, etc., etc. As you can see from the pic, we left in just our panties...thank goodness I just happened to have an extra pair in my purse!?! (had to even throw her cute shoes AWAY). All she could keep saying is "I am so so sorry mommy, just so, so sorry." What is it about the 2nd child aka my baby?? you just can't get quiet as upset with them as you can with the oldest?!....sweet MB we miss you, you would have been there as always to help me scrub the carpet, but glad you are having your own little vacation!
My mom has always told me the story about my accident in their good friends the Clements air condition vent as they were building a new house......but according to her and I agree this tops that mess in a major way!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun at the Wallers lake house

Thanks to our friends Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Julie, Jack and Reeves we finished celebrating Memorial day at Smith lake. The girls had a ball from the slip-n-slide, to splashing in the baby pool on the porch to the jet ski and boat rides, the Wallers showed us a very fun time! Good food ( we especially thank the Perrys' for the yummy homemade ice-cream), good weather, great friends, and lots of laughs there was not a dull moment! Thank you Ryan and Julie, we hope to visit again soon!

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloons

Fun, fun, and MORE FUN! We had such a good time with the girls all weekend. It started as it has the past several Memorial day weekends with an early point mallard balloon race and yummy breakfast with lots of our friends. All of the kids had such a good time, even with a 15 minute fog delay, they managed to stay entertained with wagon rides and passing around Ella's new puppy Honey. After the last balloon was up, we were off for a walk (or ride for our sweet little lady of leisure Gray bug )to the car, and home for what mommy had hoped for a long snooze. The girls seemed to only need a 30 minute power nap and were ready for a COOL swim at Decatur Country Club. We did just get a wonderful facelift to our pool and facilites, however, with the water only being in for a couple of days it was a bit chilly. Forgot my camera for our first swim, but I am fairly sure we will be spending most sunny days there so I will have lots of good pictures to follow, plus maybe there won't be quiet as many shivering lips!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Eliza the Great

Congratulations! Thank you so much for the last 2 1/2 years and I hope many more (with the help of little sis Ellie). I do not know what I would have done without you. Mary Bradford and Gray are going to miss you so much!! I keep having to explain to Mary Bradford that Eliza is going away and will not live in her same house (2 streets away). She will be in Tuscaloosa, where Daddy went to college.....and all she asked is, will they she be in the same classrooms?! will Eliza share Daddy's' same desk?! so so far that is all she understands about BAMA(which may be a good thing, GO DAWGS!ha!)....

Enjoyed your graduation party and your dads' chocolate cream brule, it was fabulous!

Check out my Slide Show!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now I can tie my shoe!

One little loop what do you do?? Wrap the lace around and pull it thru!! ok, so Mary Bradford learned that from another fave of her and Grays' "little bill"....but it worked!! After she and Mimi worked one afternoon we really have just done the flip-flop, croc thing everyday. Then, today after a long day of Pre-K she wanted to put on her tennis so she could tie them! And just like that it happened!

So outside to the jumpolene we went with our tied shoes, and of course both needed their new pink purses (a Roden's purchase by Mimi..Maury and Char yalls' are waiting on you and are just as beautiful as these!) for a little celebration!!! Gray was just as proud as mommy....yipeee!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Snow White Recital Weekend too!

...not only did MB have her final soccer game, but her spring recital just happened to fall on the exact same day, good thing she had 1 hour between her last match and recital time to transform into an acro star!! Dancers Inc. presented Snow White this year, and the one and only lead character just happened to be a sweet girl from Moulton, Caroline Elliott. Mary Bradford felt so special since Caroline posed with her after the show for a few pics.

Daddy and I are very proud of your great preformance, you were a super little dwarf!

Spring Soccer

So this past Saturday ended Mary Bradford's first season of soccer.....they played each Thursday night and Saturday morning in the months of April and most of May....her best game was last weeks 3 GOALS!!!!! and this past weekend ended with a tournament and the presentation of medals...way to go Rockets!!

Gray's 3rd Birthday

ok so my sweet little Gray bug is now 3 years, 1 month, and one day...but who is counting?? Please do not grow up any faster, precious..

It was such a fun birthday for my little one....

**Mary Bradford and I surprised she, and her friends with cookies and juice at school. She was so excited to see us and wanted her teachers "ms.nay, and ms. tara" to have a picture with her too!

**Then on to bugs' 1st official friend birthday party themed none other than "Dora, dora, dora the explorer....DORA!" ok, who's singing?ha! a fave of hers for a while. She was thrilled to see all her friends, cousins :"Char, John Banen, WWaury, & Jaxson",aunt ee, uncle reagan, aunt amy, mr. mitch, mimi, gandy, nana, and pop, and even great-grandmothers lala, and genegene. The kids played and had a ball in the back yard on the new "jumpolene". The party wasn't over of course until Gray did a fashion change when she opened up her special "poppadot dress" MarMar, Banks and steppie gave w/the smocked bday dress on with the new bday dress. Never a dull moment with you bug, and for those of you who may not understand the above Gray lingo....she has some special pronunciations for lots of people and things!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A blog from the past...but it's a good one!

Ok not too far back........ last month we took a FANTASTIC trip to Disney.....first time ever for the girls and it had been a very long time since Brad and I had been. Brad's mom and my mom went along for the ride (and lots -o- help too) was so great to see the "MAGIC" twinkle in both their little eyes the whole trip....enjoy many pics.