Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloons

Fun, fun, and MORE FUN! We had such a good time with the girls all weekend. It started as it has the past several Memorial day weekends with an early point mallard balloon race and yummy breakfast with lots of our friends. All of the kids had such a good time, even with a 15 minute fog delay, they managed to stay entertained with wagon rides and passing around Ella's new puppy Honey. After the last balloon was up, we were off for a walk (or ride for our sweet little lady of leisure Gray bug )to the car, and home for what mommy had hoped for a long snooze. The girls seemed to only need a 30 minute power nap and were ready for a COOL swim at Decatur Country Club. We did just get a wonderful facelift to our pool and facilites, however, with the water only being in for a couple of days it was a bit chilly. Forgot my camera for our first swim, but I am fairly sure we will be spending most sunny days there so I will have lots of good pictures to follow, plus maybe there won't be quiet as many shivering lips!

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