Wednesday, May 28, 2008

oh NO Gray!

Ok, so Mary Bradford is away at Nana and Pop's in Anniston having a good, good time.......Gray and I are spending a little qt ourselves! I decide to go to my dear friend Stephanie's precious, precious store Eloise and Henry (check out my links) to take care of a little business and mainly visit today. As always Gray decides to go to the adjoining toy store Wykers another of my faves to have a little play time. Susan and the gang are always so nice to let the kids play, look, and wish! I decide to go over and check on her and not only did I spot her quick I SMELLED her too. Yes, bug got a little too busy with putting the babies to sleep in the puppet booth and decided to have a MAJOR accident in the floor, down her legs, etc., etc. As you can see from the pic, we left in just our panties...thank goodness I just happened to have an extra pair in my purse!?! (had to even throw her cute shoes AWAY). All she could keep saying is "I am so so sorry mommy, just so, so sorry." What is it about the 2nd child aka my baby?? you just can't get quiet as upset with them as you can with the oldest?!....sweet MB we miss you, you would have been there as always to help me scrub the carpet, but glad you are having your own little vacation!
My mom has always told me the story about my accident in their good friends the Clements air condition vent as they were building a new house......but according to her and I agree this tops that mess in a major way!


Sally said...

Ewww, Yucky Gray Bug!

Leigh Ann said...

Only Gray! She could have gotten a new outfit at Eloise and Henry to wear home:) But, I bet mommy wasn't in a buying mood after that.

Tara McClendon said...

Poor Gray! That's just what happens sometimes when little girls get too busy. We've had our share of accidents like that...picture yourself in Libby Lu in the middle of the Hannah Montana dress up party and Towns tells me she's had an accident in the Libby Lu costume!! Can you say MORTIFIED?! Gray's so precious though she can get away with it!