Monday, May 19, 2008

Gray's 3rd Birthday

ok so my sweet little Gray bug is now 3 years, 1 month, and one day...but who is counting?? Please do not grow up any faster, precious..

It was such a fun birthday for my little one....

**Mary Bradford and I surprised she, and her friends with cookies and juice at school. She was so excited to see us and wanted her teachers "ms.nay, and ms. tara" to have a picture with her too!

**Then on to bugs' 1st official friend birthday party themed none other than "Dora, dora, dora the explorer....DORA!" ok, who's singing?ha! a fave of hers for a while. She was thrilled to see all her friends, cousins :"Char, John Banen, WWaury, & Jaxson",aunt ee, uncle reagan, aunt amy, mr. mitch, mimi, gandy, nana, and pop, and even great-grandmothers lala, and genegene. The kids played and had a ball in the back yard on the new "jumpolene". The party wasn't over of course until Gray did a fashion change when she opened up her special "poppadot dress" MarMar, Banks and steppie gave w/the smocked bday dress on with the new bday dress. Never a dull moment with you bug, and for those of you who may not understand the above Gray lingo....she has some special pronunciations for lots of people and things!

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Leigh Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Graybug! I can't believe our girls are 3!!