Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

We love all the fathers in our lives, and are so thankful for them. What a blessing you are to us!

You are the best daddy and husband in the make us laugh and have fun even when we don't want to ...your hugs are the BEST! We love you so much!

This was from all of us : mimi's idea... the pig wig tees on the beach to go right in his office, he loved it!

We got to celebrate with Pop at one of his favorites Bonefish!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We have been having a lot of fun with "just us" this summer, but we have had lots of fun with our friends too...again due to me erasing posts and having to re-post and catch up these are from the last week and weekend

Mary B.'s sweet friend Meredith came over for a fun filled afternoon..girls did lots of "costume changes" but best thing is they included little bug in every one! Love this one, even had to send she and her Daddy a pig shirt home!

We have had lots of fun family night swims over at the Coulters...haven't gotten a group one yet, but hope to soon....thanks Morgan for the try on braiding Gray's hair"...

We spent Fathers Day weekend with the Taylors at Smith lake...never a dull moment, the kids never STOPPED...first time on the tube for Gray (and the other 2 stooges) they all loved it!

ZOO trip

Do not think I have mentioned how BEHIND I have been on the blog...anyway catching up..weekend before last: The girls spent a weekend in Anniston with nana, pop, Aunt Amy, Jackson (and soon to be UNCLE Mitch)...while Brad and I were busy with Scott and Beth's wedding. We met them in Birmingham and had lunch to pick the girls up. It's amazing how no matter how tired they are they get SO excited about anything....Brad and I loved it when we suprised them and pulled up at the ZOO!

Sally, Maury and Carter joined us for a train ride and to look at a few animals which was a real treat!

Boomerang Express...VBS

It was another great week of Vacation Bible School at First baptist...the girls enjoyed each and everyday...and so did I!

Our last day the girls went outside a little early to do some "rabbit hunting" before we headed to church..we look for this little bunny each and every time we are outside because it always seems if one sees the other doesn't..vice/ FINALLY they run in to tell me to grab the camera and were so proud at how quiet they had been. Not pictured are the chairs they have set up to sit in to do their's just the little things that make us all SMILE!

Fort Morgan

Another fun fun family vacation with the whole are just a few of my favorite pictures..

12 Dancing Princess

Gray's first recital was precious...her group were Rosebuds. She was as precious as I knew she would...very serious and a little shy (which was a little shocking), but did a great job! She was even picked out of all the pre-school students for the "Spirit Award"...yay Gray, we are so proud of you and love you so much!

The end of a Great Kindergarten year!

It has been over a week since Mary Bradford ended her Kindergarten year, but it is still a little sad for me....a)she will not be at Eastwood with me next year...which I knew going in ...but know she is going to LOVE Ben Davis! and b)it went by WAY too fast, 1st GRADE already??. However, I never imagined how much fun, what great friends she would make, and how much she would learn. The awards ceremony and end of the year party was what took place to end the year with the GREATEST teacher ever....(I am certain Mrs. Hand is ABSOLUTELY going to have the biggest place in both Mary B. and my hearts for more reasons than one!) She earned the George Washington LEADERSHIP award which she was quiet proud of and so was I! Later the ice cream sundae party was the perfect end to a sweet sweet year!

Mary Bradford, I will miss you at Eastwood next year...but know you will do great at your new school and will never forget each and every day we had together..I love you SO much!

Mother's Day

What a great mother's day. A perfectly sweet church service for all mothers, then a great lunch with Sally, Owen, and little ones, mimi, gandy, and gene gene. Motherhood is the greatest job ever. Being the mother to you 2 precious little girls is the biggest blessing, I love you very much. After lunch we even tried getting some portrait shots for ms. carol to use to paint Gray..didn't happen, but it was worth a shot.

Then Leigh Ann and her crew surprised us with coming for dinner. So glad we got this picture, we forget to slow down and are always photographing the little ones!

..and just when I didn't think it could get any better, Mary B. lost her first tooth right before bedtime. We had to make the drive back out to Mimi's to show everyone..she was SOOO excited!!