Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We have been having a lot of fun with "just us" this summer, but we have had lots of fun with our friends too...again due to me erasing posts and having to re-post and catch up these are from the last week and weekend

Mary B.'s sweet friend Meredith came over for a fun filled afternoon..girls did lots of "costume changes" but best thing is they included little bug in every one! Love this one, even had to send she and her Daddy a pig shirt home!

We have had lots of fun family night swims over at the Coulters...haven't gotten a group one yet, but hope to soon....thanks Morgan for the try on braiding Gray's hair"...

We spent Fathers Day weekend with the Taylors at Smith lake...never a dull moment, the kids never STOPPED...first time on the tube for Gray (and the other 2 stooges) they all loved it!

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