Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The end of a Great Kindergarten year!

It has been over a week since Mary Bradford ended her Kindergarten year, but it is still a little sad for me....a)she will not be at Eastwood with me next year...which I knew going in ...but know she is going to LOVE Ben Davis! and b)it went by WAY too fast, 1st GRADE already??. However, I never imagined how much fun, what great friends she would make, and how much she would learn. The awards ceremony and end of the year party was what took place to end the year with the GREATEST teacher ever....(I am certain Mrs. Hand is ABSOLUTELY going to have the biggest place in both Mary B. and my hearts for more reasons than one!) She earned the George Washington LEADERSHIP award which she was quiet proud of and so was I! Later the ice cream sundae party was the perfect end to a sweet sweet year!

Mary Bradford, I will miss you at Eastwood next year...but know you will do great at your new school and will never forget each and every day we had together..I love you SO much!

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