Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a Great day for Gray

Sweet little girl of STILL getting used to her routine. Yes, fortunately for me, Daddy gets to take Gray to school 3 of 5 days (which he thoroughly enjoys, they have a few little songs they like to sing on the way) when it's mommy's turn sometimes it's really hard to get in and out of 1st Baptist and on to Eastwood "in a timely manner"....tears, FITS, and a lil drama!! However, today (and I am so THRILLED thought it deserved a blog) was such a happy day! Yes, we prepared her last night this morning would be daddy's turn, like we do most every night, but this morning she was up bright and early and had a HUGE smile on her face (see above-Green day at school, she was dressed and ready and waiting on daddy) and when she said "mommy, you go on to your school...remember, daddy is taking me to my school"! It made my morning all smiles too. Also,we have had a week of "good behavior" reports from Ms. Valerie and Ms. Irene, so things are looking up for little bug!
On another note we are in need of a lil help on (and please send any suggestions my way) our love of the thumb, which goes hand in hand, with twirling and "pulling out" lil bug's hair !Yes it is TRUE! and seeing as we are still no where near the ponytail stage, we need ALL the hair we can get.

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