Friday, May 28, 2010

LAST day of Pre-K for Gray

Both of your 1st days of school are always going to be important! Even if Gray's Pre-K is going to our church (where we all are a minimum of twice a week) or starting a BRAND NEW SCHOOL (like Mary B. did at Benjamin Davis this year), it's just an EXTRA special day! you are GRAY, starting your 1st day of PRE-K..I remember you didn't want a picture by yourself, you always want your sister close by!

and here you are this morning starting your last (you are good with being photographed by yourself now I guess!)....helped that it was "board game day"...You were so excited to teach your "friend-boys" how to play a PRINCESS game (and according to your teachers "you taught them well and they LOVED it"....)

I knew when I picked you up it would be hard...
but you had that special smile (trying to change the subject) and it took my mind to other places, that is a very generous gift you have..Thank you!

I was very proud of your progress report and that you already wanted to start on the summer workbook your teachers sent home.

1st Baptist has let you grow not only spiritually, with your sweet blessings before meals and prayers before bed time, but socially with all the things you have learned from your teachers and friends.
I LOVE you buggy, Watch out she comes!

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