Monday, June 9, 2008

Gray's pool friend

While our sweet neighbors the Smith's are gone to Seaside this week, we are gladly taking care of a few things around their house. In return, they invited us to use their pool as we please! (thanks so much Mrs. Pat and Mr. Ernie we've had a ball). Today my little Graybug decided she wanted to take a friend to swim with. As you can see baby Charlotte (that's all Gray's babies names due to her cousin Charlotte) had quiet the time. We even had to apply sunscreen, and get her a juice box when she got too hot! I love her little imagination, it's quiet unique, never a dull moment with little bug!


cheryl said...

Pat is glad you are using the pool!

Tara McClendon said...

Gray's too cute with her little swimming buddy! Looks like she's quite the mom at such a young age...sunscreen, juice boxes and all!

Jody, Andrea, Banks and Mary Reese said...

Glad to see her back in the pool! We are going to the cookout and swim tomorrow night...if Gray wants to swim with me some more!!!