Friday, June 6, 2008

Vacation Bible School

My energetic class! standing from L to R: Lindsay, Luke, Banks, Micah, Steven, Evan, Meredith,
sitting Sophie, Charlie, Meredith, Ellie, Mary Bradford, and Meg Catherine.
MB and Gray on our stage that
was fantastic thanks to the Farris's
and many other volunteers, wish
you could see the whole thing.
First day (look at the intense
learning look on her face).
I love it!
We have just finished up a full week of fun at our church with more blessings than I ever knew existed. It was Mary Bradford's first year to participate in vacation bible school. My little Gray had many fun activities in the nursery as well and Ms. Cathleen and her helpers sent her home
with lots of arts & crafts that were all wonderful!
Our class packed each day with worship rally, recreation, snack, bible study, and her absolute favorite music! I was so fortunate in that I got to be her teacher, and have been overwhelmed each day as her love for Christ grew. Most all know that 5 year olds only can sit still for so long, but I could not believe all the questions each child had and when I asked each one thing they learned today during our bible study....most all knew our theme this week: Know the Truth, Live the Truth, Speak the Truth....daily bible verses, and one child even talked about the offering we took up and where it was going! I was so thrilled for these children and that is what it is ALL about.
I do have to let you know about one of most memorable parts of the week and I will never forget watching my oldest daughter every morning. It would take place in worship rally which was where we met first. She had all the songs down with all the motions by about day 2!? and might I say are so precious and heartwarming AND she is still singing them out loud. Not only that she wanted to be on front row with our church staff....and YES our fantastic preacher was right there in the middle. He blessed my heart as well with all the hugs and high 5's, but no matter what, each morning that is what MB would ask me first, Can I please stand by the pastor? also mommy, can I give him a lot of love? and yes he would pick her up and squeeze her and then thank her for being such a cutie-patootie.....I knew he was a wonderful person to each and everyone he makes contact with . However, seeing him with each child from our church, and all the visitors we had this week was another blessing I received. From doing all the dances to his kind words he was a joy this week! He even took a pie in the face today....Please visit my link to our church he has sermons posted and they are worth your time.
My sweet little carpool is my other memorable moment we invited our friends Charlie Taylor and Banks Murphree to VBS. Each morning they would get in the car and be filled with excitement wanting to know " Mrs. Amy what songs will we sing first?", "Mrs. Amy guess what I didn't forget my offering today!" .....another true blessing. I hope you both come back next year.


Jody, Andrea, Banks and Mary Reese said...

Thanks for inviting Banks to join in the fun! He had a wonderful week with you and the rest of the VBS team!!!

Tara McClendon said...

Now I'm feeling major guilt for not helping with VBS this year...sounds like it was amazing! I'm glad you all got so much out of it. You looked super cute at church...take me shopping!!!

Leigh Ann said...

I'm glad VBS went so well. I know the girls had a great week!