Monday, April 6, 2009

A week's worth of Springtime fun

Yes last week was another one of those VERY busy started with another big milestone, Mary B. learned to rider her bike with NO training wheels. She got a big girl bike for Christmas, but it is still a little TOO I took advice from a friend and took the training wheels off her little bike and away she went....YAY Mary Bradford!

Gray enjoyed the sunshine and had lots of swing time while sissy rode and rode and rode...

Then later in the week we had a special visit from Nana and Pop...they got to enjoy the sunshine with us and then we were all off to see Mary B. in her Spring program at church.

**this one makes me want one of those SUPER DUPER digital cameras, hint, hint....maybe one day***

And last but certainly NOT least....T-BALL has begun!! Brad is helping coach MB's team SC Gamecocks and she is absolutley LOVING IT!! Saturday was opening season day which started off with a fun parade (since Brad was in it I tried operating both the video and still camera so got no shots of the parade?!?) however, here are Gray and her Best Buddy Mary Reese anxiously waiting on the parade.

My first basegirl....she takes it SERIOUS!! Not sure how I missed daddy, but lots more pics to come!


Jody, Andrea, Banks and Mary Reese said...

I think I got a few of MB during the parade I will email you.

Leigh Ann said...

Love all the new pictures! We are proud of MB learning to ride her bike and we can't wait to see her play t-ball. Gray-we are so excited you are coming tomorrow!!!