Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saying goodbye to an old friend...and hello to a new one..

We recently had to say good-bye to our 13 year old lab Scout which was possibly one of the saddest I have ever seen my girls and THE saddest I have ever seen Brad. He has been around longer than Me, Mb, or Gray .....so he was more than a SPECIAL part of our family. He was the best pet for Brad and I pre-kids and an even BETTER more loyal pet since we have had the girls! We will miss him but since he has been sick for a while we are thankful he doesn't have to suffer anymore...

We will NEVER be able to replace our big Black dog....but (after lots of puppy research) decided for the girls we would do the inside small dog thing when the time came...so MERRY CHRISTMAS a few days early to Mary B. and Gray....we welcomed Henry! He has been a precious puppy so far and we feel like we have known him forever. His breeder assured of us if we kept him on schedule he would do great and so far so good!

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Sally said...

Sweet post, Scout will be missed but oh how we love Henry :)