Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just us Girls

While daddy has been in Anniston with his golf group playing in the Sunny King has been just us girls and we have had such a fun time. Don't get us wrong, we all really missed daddy but it was nice to have just a house full of girls too! We ordered pizza, watched movies, and had a slumber party.... went to the Monaco for Kit Kitteredge;An American Girl (so cute by the way), Rosies, and our new fave store ICING at Bridge street.....went swimming and even managed to all 3 take a few naps together afternoon Gray was playing babies and watching Max and Ruby (episode: Max's birthday for the 150th time...thank goodness for tivo) and I came in to find this:

notice the band-aid...anytime Gray gets a booboo, baby has to have a band-aid too!

Mary Bradford became a sandwich artist (yes we did do a lot of sandwich eating!?) this is one of her masterpieces....Boars Head turkey, Muenster Cheese, light mayo on wheat with pringles and grapes.

I love times like these.....and love even more that they love them too!
We can't wait to see Daddy tonight...not sure if I'll be able to get them in the bed....MB is counting down the hours as we speak!

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Tara McClendon said...

What a sweet and fun weekend! Love Gray and her baby snoozing together, and that MB is so funny to me. She's so cute with her masterpiece she created! Don't you just love a little down time with the girls?!