Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend with Allison

We took the girls with us to celebrate my friend Allison's couples shower in Hernando, MS that Brad and I were hosting. There are no words that can describe my friendship with Allison, my very first friend that has remained my best friend from Mississippi State! She and Blake (do not have a pic with all-sorry Blake)are absolutely perfect for one another and I could not be happier for her. The girls came to the shower for a little while and then one of Allisons' friend took them down the street to her house to play. Family, lots of friends, and lots of laughs made the night one to remember. How wonderful most attending live in this precious little neighborhood in Hernando...just 30 minutes from Memphis!
They loved the monogrammed plates from Brad and I that came from Eloise and Henry (check out my link to their blog)....I am pretty fond of them myself.....we all 4 have a set and use them all the time!
Just before the girls left we got a quick pic....long car ride they were still in such great moods! I Think Allison, Mary (her sister), and the rest of the gang had a lot do do with that.....What sweet girls.....so glad they got to share Allison's happy day!

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