Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What has been going on........

Well LOTS and LOTS....so much I have been a major slacker on the blog, but before Spring gets into full swing I am going to get caught up!

At Ben Davis in January one of MB's favorite events comes around.......

This year was especially fun since she and one of her best friends Mere got to emcee the show! I loved hearing their "ad-libs" after each performance, they got to make up their own so it was pretty entertaining to hear what was going to be said.....

Here they are with their group who preformed the CUPID SHUFFLE and did a great job plus had lots of fun!

Tommi Jo was so sweet to come and support all the FBC kids, Mary Bradford was excited she was on the front row with us!

Over at Eastwood in February it was JUMP ROPE FOR HEART time and Gray got really good with the jumprope (and I LOVED IT!)>>>

The kids raise money for a great cause, get to come to a special party with ALL kinds of jump roping before school AND get fun prizes....it was early, but FUN!

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