Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. Hughes

We arrived early to school to decorate for Mrs. Hughes surprise birthday breakfast!
I had lots of great help....

She was so surprised and so excited! Even though it was early and Monday morning all the kids were precious. Mary Bradford and Banks met everyone before coming in the classroom to remind them of the celabration and to tell Mrs. Hughes Happy Birthday FIRST thing! She gave lots of hugs, thank yous and a few tears....we love this sweet lady.

I can't say enough about Mary B's 2nd grade year nor Mrs. Hughes. She sees the best in everyone of these 2nd graders, she tells them daily how she prays for them and encourages them to be their very BEST at all times...She sets a great example and made the BIGGEST impression on Mary B. I thank God every night for having her in our lives this year...we will miss her so much when MB moves to Leon Sheffield in 3rd grade.

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Leigh Ann said...

Love all the new pictures! Especially the beach ones! Makes me ready to go in July with yall!!!
MB-Reagan's not sore now, but he was Saturday and Sunday:)