Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of Kindergarten for Gray

the 1st day of Mrs.Hand's precious Kindergarten class seems like just yesterday.....

I am trying my hardest to make this short and sweet with no tears, but it's going to be tough!

Gray you have had the BEST kindergarten year...complete with the BEST teacher who learned fast to adjust to your energy, has taught you so much about responsibility, always doing your best, not to mention the real stuff like reading, telling time, math, and what you say is your favorite lots of FUN Science stuff!
You also have made the BEST friends. We knew more than HALF the class when you started, but I have to say know the WHOLE class now and love them all so much!

Last day of PE you and Ellis on the playground...

Awards ceremony..You, Mary Bibb, and Serenity

and SO proud of your Heisman award....Mrs. Hand says usually this goes to a boy in the class, however, since you were able to keep up with them the whole year you deserved it!

I love you sweet girl, and know you are going to be GOOD and READY for Ben Davis and FIRST grade even if I am not....

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