Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Awards day for Mary B

Yay Mary Bradford! You finished 2nd grade with a B-A-N-G...so proud of you and your awards presented at Ben Davis....

TIE Technology Award for the most outstanding Internet club member, Principals Award for all A's all year, Student Representative for her class, PE leadership award, IB Student Action Award for Enrichment, and ART achievement award for her class.

After the overall 2nd grade awards were done, we headed back to Mrs. Hughes room for a classroom ceremony ....which was themed with candy bars. Just like everything else this wonderful teacher has done the whole year lots of time and effort went into each award...

You, Ashton, and Alissa were presented the 3 Musketeers award. Not only was she proud of the extra research you did in Enrichment on Maps complete with an interactive bulletin board for outside Mrs. Weems classroom (can't believe I didn't take a picture it was 3-D and ALL), you 3 made and a power point to show all of the 2nd grade classes. Also for creating a song and dance about the FBI (fungi, bacteria, invertebrates) your 3 little minds composed to share with other 2nd graders ! According to Mrs. Hughes you 3 loved inquiring, investigating, and contributing. How creative you and your friends have become this year!

This was of course complete with more tears from me, Mimi, and Mrs. Hughes. What awesome things you have learned from her...She said over and over how much she LOVED her 1st year at Ben Davis and how proud she is of each student ...and with more tears how she hates to see them going to Leon Sheffield but KNOWS they are ALL ready! We LOVE you Mrs. Hughes!!

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