Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girls first wedding

Girls had the best time in their first wedding..Aunt Amy (Brad's sister) and now Uncle Mitch asked them both to be the flower girls, and they were BESIDE THEMSELVES!! Especially Mary B., she took it very serious! (notice the photo with her standing at the door..that is where we could find her when she was needed for a photo or to be reminded to potty, or most anything 1-2 hours before ceremony time!)

Since I was mainly the referee, I got NO good the photographer was so kind to take lots, I refrained from snapping too many times hopes she will share them soon so I can post! We are so happy for Amy and Mitch (sorry Uncle Mitch we hope to post a cute pic of you both soon!)thanks for letting them be a part of your special day...the girls did an excellent job, first time to attend a wedding...also, first time to be a part of the wedding! We all had a wonderful time at the reception too! 11 p.m. bedtime was a REAL treat for a 4 and 6 year old!

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